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About Hypnotherapy and about me...

Dont hold yourself back any longer, I can help you get to where you want to go



Hypnotherapy changes how we feel about things. Its abouy changing our emotional response, the bit of our brain that says "Yes more of that" or "Hell no" There are time we want to change to lose weight, stop smoking, be less stressed etc. We know why we want to do this, we know the benefits the statistics, maybe even how others have succeeded but it doesnt change our emotional bond. Will power can usually only get us so far before our emotional brain says "I deserve some chocolate/ a drink/ whatever" or something similar. Its like your car breaks down, you know it needs fixing, you may even know what part of the engine needs attention but you may not have the tools or skills to fix it. Thats where i can help. Even if you have tried before and not got the result you wanted I can help get you to where you want to be. You deserve a life free from addictions, fears etc and I can help you achieve this



Our journey together...

We will work together based on solutions. I dont work by telling you off or making you confront your fears. We will talk about how you feel about things, how you deal with them now. Then we will agree how a better future will be and I wil base my therapy plan to het you there. It will be tailored to you and your wants. I cant say how many sessions we will need because it depends on the issue and how quickly your mind takes on change. Some issues have only taken one session, others take longer, it depends on a lot of factors. I will always try to hep you in as few sessions as possible. Hypnotherapy is a gentle but powerful tool to deal with our issues. It works effectively and can work quicker than many other talking therapies. With the benefit of MRI scanning the changes in brain function under hypnosis can actually be seen. You won't be asleep, you wont be out of control, you wont blurt things out or embarrass yourself. Everyone I gave ever treated has enjoyed the therapy and have felt relaxed afterwards


I work to the highest professional and ethical standards, your well being is paramount to me. I will always treat you with care and respect


I will never try to pressure you into treatment, I will happuly answer any and all your questions and there is no obligation

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